Boston Duck Tours is a popular sightseeing tour known for its unique amphibious vehicles called “Ducks.” The tours provide visitors with an entertaining and informative way to explore the city’s historical landmarks and famous attractions.

The tours last around 80 minutes and typically begin on land, where the Ducks resemble colorful World War II-era amphibious vehicles. These vehicles are fully functional both as buses and as boats, capable of transitioning seamlessly between the two modes of transportation. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide accompanies passengers throughout the journey, sharing interesting facts, historical anecdotes, and local insights about the city.

As the tour progresses, the Duck vehicles navigate through the bustling streets of Boston, passing by significant landmarks such as the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, Quincy Market, and the Old North Church. The guides provide engaging commentary, making the tour not only informative but also entertaining for visitors of all ages.

The highlight of the Boston Duck Tours is when the vehicles splash into the Charles River or the Boston Harbor, transitioning from land to water. This allows passengers to enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s skyline from a unique vantage point.